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JSP Martcare safety over spectacles clear

JSP Martcare safety over spectacles clear

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A good all round safety spectacle giving excellent value for money. Clear Polycarbonate lens and temples. Design doubles as a visitor spectacle. Conforms to EN 166.1.F

  • Conforms to EN 166 1.F
  • Clear Polycarbonate lens and temples
  • Design doubles as a visitor spectacle

Safety spectacles: These may take the form of separate lenses in a metal or plastic frame, similar in appearance to prescription glasses, or have a single lens/frame moulding. Most designs have side-shields.

Spectacles can incorporate corrective lenses, while overglasses may fit over prescription glasses. Safety Glasses standards;

EN166 standard covering safety eyewear offering protection from impact hazards caused by fast moving particles.

EN170 standard that applies to ultraviolet filters

EN172 specified for sunglare filters and in eye-protectors for industrial use

EN166 Markings 1 specifies the lens clarity of which 1 is the best

F  denotes the impact protection (low energy impact @45 metres per second)

T  indicates the frame can withstand impact at high and low temperatures

K  The lens is coated to be anti scratch

N  the lens is coated to be resistant to fogging

These will be generally out of eye shot on the lens as 1FTKN, 1FTK, 1FT

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