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Fertan FERPOX 1-K Epoxy Primer

Fertan FERPOX 1-K Epoxy Primer

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FERPOX is a 1-part epoxy primer. It is lead and chromate free and temperature resistant. 

FERPOX is applied as normal primer or paint and has a particularly good adhesion to iron, steel, pre-treated aluminium or hot-dip galvanized metal. Due to its particularly high strength, FERPOX is the ideal primer for all heavily stressed or corrosion-prone metals. In the automotive sector, FERPOX is used in the following areas: subfloors, wheel arches, spray walls, frames, window frames, battery holders and much more. The application is carried out by means of a brush, roller or spray gun. For application with compressed air spray guns max. dilution is 10% nitro.

When applying with brush or roller apply one thin layer only.
1x thin layer is completely sufficient. 

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