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AkzoNobel International Thinner

AkzoNobel International Thinner

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No.1 - For use above the waterline, Thinner No.1 is a very good, general purpose thinner that’s designed to be used with one-part paints (excluding antifoulings) and varnishes.

No.3 - Thinner No.3 is suitable for antifouling paints (except for VC® products), bottom coatings and other special paints. It’s also used to help spray on our one-part varnishes and finishes.

No.7 - Thinner No.7 has been specially formulated for thinning epoxy type products including Interprotect® and Gelshield® 200. It can also be used for equipment cleaning in association with nterfill 830, Interfill 833 and Watertite.

No.9 - Thinner No.9 is a very effective thinning agent for use with two-part polyurethane products and/or cleaning equipment

910 - Thinner 910 is a special blend of organic solvents designed for thinning Interprime 820 and Polyurethane Basecoat, specifically for spray applications. Use for spray applications in the approximate temperature range: 10-15°C

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